Predictive Analytics Apps

Apps to solve specific Problems

      Drisla's Predictive Analytics Apps allow you to solve a specific set of problems. These apps are generally very light, are built using the latest technologies and hosted on cloud, giving you the best in real-time visualizations and predictions.

Solve Problems by Predicting Outcomes

  • Use different algorithms to predict outcomes of several different problems.
  • Customized applications for both classification and regression problems.
  • Apply the best suited Supervised, Unsupervised or Reinforcement Learning techniques.

Understand the problem

  • We focus on first understanding your problems deeply with your Business / domain experts.
  • Data selecting, wrangling and pre-processing is done to ensure optimal training datasets.
  • Multiple variables, both internal and external are experimented with to find the best dataset.

Visualize Data

  • Look at your data like never before – With interactive charts and 3D plots.
  • Tools built on latest technologies allow you to “walk-in” into your data to see it from different perspectives.
  • Best of the breed visualizations, customized for specific datasets.

Build / Simulate Models on the fly

  • Not only do you get recommended solutions from our experts, but you also have a lot of flexibility in creating / updating your own models as you understand its behaviour better.
  • All our models can be built on the fly, right on the web – page, allowing you the flexibility to experiment and optimize your model performance in your own way.
  • View changes, predictions and simulations on real-time basis.

All your apps live in Cloud

  • Many organizations prefer having multiple applications – each addressing a unique problem. For this, we enable hosting of many apps simultaneously on the same server – with each app being used for a different purpose.
  • Access rights, audit logs, performance, etc. are all monitored from a single dashboard that allows you to take complete control of the entire Predictive Analytics environment in your organization.

Light Apps at the Right Price

  • The apps are usually quite light, making them easier to develop and maintain, and achieve fast performance even with ever increasing amounts of data.
  • Each app is priced separately, allowing you to allocate their costs to different business units or even decommission one or more of them independently, without affecting the other apps.
  • Each App is billed monthly, with an initial set-up fee which goes towards recommending and building the best-of-the-breed solutions for you.

Managed Services

  • Another advantage of hosted apps is, that Drisla's experts keep fine tuning your model as more and more data rolls in on a daily basis. It ensures that your model is always optimized for performance, consistency, and accuracy even with the latest data.
  • As part of Managed Services, we also sometimes upgrade your applications to reflect changes in models, analysis, etc. or to include an entirely new model itself. It allows you to have the best possible solution to your problems at all times !

Where can you use it?

Predictive Analytics is used in a very wide variety of fields and functions. All that is needed is data with patterns, and our experts can design algorithms to help you find meaningful insights ! Here are a few areas where we have serviced clients using Predictive Analytics Apps:

  • Risk Management – Predictive Analytics can be used to forecast defaults – of counterparties or loan portfolios; detect fraudulent transactions, predict cash-flows, or receivables recovery probability.
  • Marketing – Marketing teams use it for Customer Segmentation, Behavorial Mapping, Optimizing Marketing Spends & Channels, or for Predicting Churn – all of which can be used to customize product mix and identifying cross / up-sell opportunities.
  • Finance – Simulations are quite often extremely important for Finance teams who have to prepare budgets based on plausible scenarios in the future. Such simulations have been built as an app with 3D charting for some of our clients.
  • Data Management – Clients sometimes need data collection from various sources and then clean that data as per specific requirements. We have built web-scraping / API based data collection tools and cleaned the data using advanced statistical tools for data wrangling and delivered the data to clients for their internal use.
  • Human Resources – HR departments can use it to screen and score potential candidates based on the job description, or for Managing Talent by using intelligent recommendation systems to identify training needs, or for predicting attrition of key employees.
  • Manufacturing – Sensors attached to equipments can feed data into our algorithms which can then predict the equipment / pipeline failure. Predicting Demand and Supply using global economic factors can be used for trading / inventory management. Optimal run speeds can also be predicted for addressing quality issues.