Drisla was founded in 2013, to fill a desperate need for scalable and configurable Risk & Data Analytics Solutions. The Industry needed solutions that were not geeky black-boxes but were easier to understand, and used latest technologies to deliver massive & complex computational results fast.

What We Do?

Today, as a young & innovative company, Drisla offers advanced solutions to Quantitative Risk Management & Predictive Analytics needs of medium and large enterprises. Drisla provides Risk Management Software and Consulting solutions that are specifically geared towards unique requirements of Energy and Commodity Trading companies. Our Derivative Pricing EngineDerivist – is one of the world’s largest library of instrument pricing algos and is available free for everyone. It also comes with an API for Enterprise users to price thousands of structured derivative trades within seconds, or get Sentiment Analysis for an event using social media.

Drisla’s Big Data Analytics solution enables predictive analytics capabilities for its clients. The in-built Machine Learning algorithms can be easily configured to predict critical variables like yield, demand – supply, customer acquisition / retention, fraud detection, prices, cross / up selling opportunities, etc. The algorithms can more importantly, be also used to understand hidden relationships between all the crucial parameters of the business, and how each parameter affects the desired outcome, thereby giving an undeniable edge to our clients in understanding their customers and businesses better.

The company is Head-quartered in India, and our software solution is present through our clients and partners in 6 countries, with users running billions of dollars worth of trades daily through it to assess their pre-trade and post-trade risks and take appropriate preventive measures. We also have a Risk Consulting Practice, through which we deliver bespoke modelling assignments for large corporate and Implement Risk Policies & Outsourced Risk Services for small to medium sized companies.

What Sets Us Apart?

  • We value Simplicity:
    Drisla has a unique Integrated suite of Market Risk (with Value-at-risk (VaR), Expected Shortfall and such measures), Credit Risk (with Potential Future Exposure or PFE) & Operational Risk management Solution. Drisla Software takes in Trade & Price data and delivers risk numbers in a way that is transparent and easy to understand. This web-based solution is easy to use and can be integrated with any existing in-house system or excels and can be deployed either on-premise or on Cloud.
  • We dig Innovation:
    Drisla also has a large Derivative Instrument pricing library that can price hundreds of different exotic / structured derivative products that are prevalent in Commodity and Financial Industries. By using latest advancements in software architecture and hardware, Drisla delivers risk and valuation numbers for individual trades and portfolios with high precision levels at blazing speed for its clients. This one of its kind app is available as a standalone product or as a service on cloud.
  • Our “Edge” is Transparency and Trust:
    We are social, and very open about what we think of and how we do Risk & Predictive Analytics. Drisla’s Research, Blog, Newsletters are all made with extreme care by our Research team and are available for free to everyone from the industry. We already have hundreds of subscribers on our list made up of who’s-who of the industry – people who have subscribed to our research and are regular readers too.

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How to Get in Touch with Us?

To know how Drisla can help you in managing risks, build Predictive Analytics apps, or to find a newer, better way of solving many of your strategic / operational issues, write to our business development team with your requirements on info@drislacorp.com, or directly to our CEO on nitin@drislacorp.com. We respond to every personalized email !