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Drisla – Your Analytics Partner

      Drisla delivers Machine Learning, Blockchain & Risk Analytics Solutions for large Energy, Commodity and Financial Services Players.

Software Products

Drisla has several software solutions and platforms for delivering custom-designed and powerful Machine Learning & Risk Analytics solution. Designed by a team of domain experts, we help companies predict variables like Yield, Demand & Supply, Defaults, Breakdowns, Risks and Prices, using Machine Learning Algorithms. Drisla also has one of the world’s largest free, online Derivative Pricing Libraries, and a Tweet Mining Engine.

Consulting & Training

Our Consulting practice designs and implements solutions related to Predictive Analytics, Risk Management, Software Development. With extensive knowledge in Energy, Commodities & Machine Learning domains, we have successfully executed several large consulting projects across the globe. Our Training vertical caters to custom requirements in Blockchain, Machine Learning and Risk Analytics.


Drisla’s Blockchain services allow you to quickly develop your innovative ideas into prototypes and then into full-blown products really quickly. With experience in building Smart Contract and DApps, Drisla is just the partner you need.

Machine Learning

Drisla’s “Predictive Engine” is built specifically for Commodity & Energy businesses to help you understand hidden patterns, risks, and price trends so businesses can be understood as a whole, and not just in parts ! The in-built models give you a simple, never-before view of your data !

Market & Credit Risk

Drisla does valuation and risk (Value-at-Risk, Expected Shortfall) calculations for all your physical and derivative positions and across counterparties. Its’ Powerful Engine delivers accurate results fast, even with computation intensive methods like Monte-Carlo.

Derivist - Deriving Pricing & Insights

Drisla brings you the World’s Largest Instrument Pricing Library for Commodities – designed to easily add many more in future. Now you never have to worry about an out-dated system ! View the entire Library to see what we’ve got covered, or visit to see it in action !


Tell us about your requirements and we’ll give you deployment, technology, pricing and timelines based on your preferences !